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No More Stalling :: It's Time to Be Brave [PREFACE]

I used to be a a lot braver.


I used to swing as high as I could on the swing set and do back flips from the highest point, fearlessly sticking the landing. I used to play sports and wear tank tops and not care if I looked dumb on the field or worry if my arms looked fat.


I used to write, record, and perform music all the time - because I wanted to. Because I liked it. Because it fed my own soul. I didn't used to care what anyone else thought, really. It was for me. To express parts of my heart I needed to express. To say [or sing] what my heart just really needed to say.


I used to blog all the time - write and write and write - pouring my thoughts out for anyone to read (or even if no one read it). I did it because I wanted to. I liked to. I felt I had something to say.


I used to make goofy videos and post them on YouTube. I used to let the world into more of my life and not be so guarded and self-preserving. And I want to get back to it. It's time to put my skills, talents, & dreams back into action.


Resonate with anyone? I know as we enter the New Year, we tend to take stock of our lives, where the year that we just passed has taken us, and where we want to be a year from now. What dreams are stirring in your heart that you have yet to taken action on???


It's been a few years since I've recorded a new album of original music. It's time. More than time. Regardless of how many people will want to hear it when it's done...I just need to do it. I have people around me who believe in me and want to help make it happen. So what on earth is the problem? What is the hold up??? Me!!!


Years ago I also had a mentor encourage me to write a book (or at least a collection of blogs) containing some of my personal life stories. A few months ago, I actually felt like an outline for these stories came into clarity on a random afternoon at Starbucks. Have I started it yet? No. And why not? Because I fear being vulnerable, of being real. I fear that it is a waste of my time and a stupid idea. I fear being judged. And yet, I feel compelled all at the same time, which is a mystery all of its own.


I am determined now to use this blog to begin that process in 2016. Whether anyone comes along for the journey with me or not, I feel like it is going to be a good journey for me personally....and so I am making a commitment to write down some of my stories in this blog...and to record a new album of music. By the grace of more stalling. It's time to be brave.


And I hope you will help hold me to it.


What wants to join me? What is God stirring in your heart? What is He calling you to step out and do this year???


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Looking forward to reading your stories!!
Bravo to you Sherilyn! I say you go girl! I too have pushed wants and desires to the back of the burner for too many years! I too agree it's time to take action!
I'm not going to do a blog but I look forward to reading your stories!!! Loved the time we spent shopping Saturday!!

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