Drift of IT is Emo Trap Instrumental at it’s finest - a one-woman passion project with inspiring, modern, and world-music feeling pieces written and produced solely by singer-songwriter Sherilyn. With a background in classical music, Sherilyn almost joined the Chicago Civic Orchestra as a flautist, but instead got signed in her 20’s as a CCM solo artist for a number of years before branching out into instrumentals and the world of sync licensing. Her latest single Prism Sky is available everywhere now!

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new single - "Prism sky"

Check out one of Sherilyn's instrumental chill side projects, Drift of IT. The first single, "Prism Sky" is a musical exploration full of curiosity - like being out in the wild open - drifting, searching, enjoying the world. With some quirky instrumentation and a bit of quiet humor, this tune makes the perfect road trip companion.