You only get ONE chance to make a great first impression!

Enrollment open now for this 4-Step Fast Track to teach you how to prepare & organize everything you need to pitch your recordings for major league sync license opportunities in TV, ads, and film! 

This course is the perfect follow-up track for RELEASE MUSIC LIKE A PRO BOOTCAMP graduates OR for any independent artists who have at least 2-5 songs professionally recorded at broadcast quality (and you own 100% of the rights or have permission from other rights holders to pitch the song(s) for licensing opportunities). If you are unsure if you qualify, Book a Free Consult to inquire.


It all started when I took the leap to join Sherilyn’s program! She introduced me to other industry pros and opened my eyes to what could be possible to pursue with my music. Less than a year later, I’ve already landed FOUR sync placements and have NINE agencies repping my music, and I know the sky’s the limit. Thank you, Sherilyn, for all you’ve done to jump start the journey for me!” - @TYavery__
Sherilyn stands out as one of the most organized and conscientious mentors I've ever had. Her class Perfect Pitch blew me away, because she was able to make everything in relation to sync very understandable. The course is set up in progressive steps that make sense. I followed along each week, but also have all the back videos, and a wealth of resources I can go back to as need be. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to get your songs placed in Film and TV. It’s a great introduction to the sync world, and gives you all the information you need to get started.” - @tracellismusic


  • Step-by-step guidance on how to organize your split sheets, one stop agreements, audio file masters, instrumentals, stems, metadata, and more into a digital portfolio using
  • Pro tips RE: the industry standard methods, requirements, and formats that Sync Agencies/Publishers/Music Supervisors typically prefer when receiving song pitches for sync
  • Tools that help you research what projects Music Supervisors are working on, what artists are landing placements, how you can reference their work to better yours, & what agencies may be looking for the type of music you create
  • Referral lists of online and in-person sync-specific groups/events where you can network in the sync licensing community, find collaborators, meet industry pros, and build key relationships.
  • Referral lists of sync agencies that you can research and begin pitching to right away
  • 4 BONUS VIDEOS + 4 BONUS SYNC RESOURCES to aid your sync education

Get ready to perfect your pitch portfolio so that you can make a great first impression and be known as a top notch artist in the biz who not only has great music but really has their stuff organized!!

PROGRAM FORMAT + details...

This is a self-study 4-Part video course you can complete at your own pace, with life-time access. Each video is approximately 1 hour long, and the program portal includes all the resources, contract templates, spreadsheets, & checklists you need to set yourself up for success in sync!

Included with your enrollment you get UNLIMITED Weekly Group Q&A Calls (for up to 6 months) any time you need some live coaching and support, as well as membership in my Private Facebook Group for over 100 students/graduates of my programs from around the world.

Once enrolled in the program, you also take advantage of your student discount of 50% OFF any 1:1 Coaching Calls with Sherilyn if additional support is needed. 

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