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I have a passion to help struggling singer-songwriters & worship leaders go from feeling frustrated with their amateur recordings, uncertain how to release their songs on Spotify/iTunes, and unsure how to receive royalties/revenue from their music to feeling inspired, fulfilled, and proud of their broadcast-quality recordings - released like a pro - so that they can impact the world with their music while earning royalties and building streams of revenue that can help fund future recordings and dreams.   

After being signed to a Christian music label as a solo artist and worship leader for 10 years and then being dropped from my label during one of the hardest times of my life, I learned the hard way how to become an independent artist, start my own publishing company/record label, and run a small business (touring, merch, and the whole nine yards). I started coaching other artists to do the same along the way as well.  

It hasn't been easy being a one-woman operation for the last 15 years while navigating both the Christian and secular music markets, but I've grown SO much and rebuilt my life after divorce and bankruptcy. I'm a living, breathing example - and if I can do it, so you can you!   

With 25 years of music industry, recording artist, and small business experience, I also currently have sync licensing agents representing my music for TV, ad, & film placements. I still have lofty dreams for myself that I continue to chase, and I absolutely love coaching people and helping them chase their dreams, too! I even host a podcast about not being afraid to reinvent yourself and pursue your passions called Have You Seen Me Now. Maybe you'll be a guest on my show one day telling the world YOUR RISE-UP STORY!  

I look forward to walking you through step-by-step from amateur singer-songwriter  to professional indie artist so that you can release your broadcast-quality songs to a wider audience and  impact the world through your music. Let's DO THIS together!


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