about sherilyn...

Sherilyn is a singer, songwriter, solo artist, and producer based on the Central Coast of California. As a preacher’s daughter who grew up singing in church, and as a dedicated student of classical, jazz, and pop music, you will find soul-full, eclectic combinations in her writing, instrumentation choices, and powerhouse vocals.

Sherilyn runs a boutique production company and songwriters' collective, Starboard Stride, in San Luis Obispo, CA. Her collective is comprised unique songwriters, artists, and producers who are passionate about creating music that is authentic while serving well in the world of sync licensing. Starboard Stride has a growing collection of one-stop, easy clearance music, including some of Sherilyn's library.

When not creating music, Sherilyn loves to cook, swing dance, take photos, and hike the coastal bluffs of CA.