Sherilyn is a Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Podcast Host, and Music Career Coach based in Cayucos, CA.  Her powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence soar through her songs. Everything about Sherilyn is memorable and moving. 

Thriving on taking all the “tough stuff” of life and pouring it into her music, Sherilyn shares that “there’s something powerful about taking the broken pieces of my life and making something beautiful out of it. It’s like a layer of healing each time I get to sing the songs written in the hardest times of my life. It’s amazing how songs written in my darkest seasons can actually end up being a ray of light to someone else who might be right in the thick of it.” 

From a young age, Sherilyn got her start writing songs while singing in church and school performances, cheerleading for football games, and studying music. Known as “the girl with the big voice” with incredible stage presence, she turned down a college scholarship and opportunity to audition as flautist for the Chicago Civic Orchestra  when she got her first record deal in her early twenties. After a season in the CCM/Worship scene, she continued to evolve as an artist and creative, eventually setting out as an independently published pop alternative artist and launching her own record label & publishing company, Starboard Stride.

After a season of touring as a solo artist through the U.S., Australia, Italy,  Switzerland, and Brazil, Sherilyn settled on the Central Coast of California and built a home studio where she loves to write and record her own music, as well as help develop other artists, vocalists, and songwriters.  She dreams of her songs being used in TV, Ads, & Film and has several reps currently pitching her songs for placements.

In 2022,  Sherilyn took all of her 1:1 artist development experience and launched an international, online 12-Week Release Music Like a Pro Bootcamp for aspiring singer-songwriters It provides STEP-BY-STEP personalized coaching to give songwriters the tools & guidance that they need to RECORD, PUBLISH, & PROMOTE their music professionally by the end of the 12-week program. Find out more at

In her spare time [insert laughter here] Sherilyn loves swing dancing, baking, beach walks, interior design, and hosting her podcast, Have You Seen Me Now. The premise of her podcast is a product of her own journey.....that it's never too late to re-invent yourself.