Sherilyn is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in San Luis Obispo, CA.  

Her powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence soar through her songs. Everything about Sherilyn is memorable and moving. 

From a young age, Sherilyn got her start writing songs, singing in church and school performances, cheerleading for football games, and studying music. She always dreamed of singing on the stage and sharing her gift with the world. 

Known as “the girl with the big voice,” Sherilyn got her first record deal in her twenties, and has continued to evolve as an artist and creative. Thriving on taking all the “tough stuff” of life and pouring it into her music, Sherilyn feels like she often writes her best songs in the most difficult times of her life.  

“There’s something powerful about taking the broken pieces of your life and making something beautiful out of it - it’s like a layer of healing each time I sing it,” she shared. “Women often come up after a show and say ‘It’s like you just sang my story…’ and it’s amazing how a song I wrote in my darkest season ends up being a ray of light to someone else who might be right in the thick of it.” 

After a season of touring, Sherilyn settled on the Central Coast of California and built a home studio where she loves to write and record, and develop other artists, vocalists, and songwriters. Besides her 1:1 Coaching, she has been in a season of songwriting and production, but is feeling the draw to get back on the stage soon…perhaps at a city near you!

Sherilyn  hosts a podcast, has recently launched a 12-Week Mentorship for Singer Songwriters who want to learn step-by-step how to record & release their music professionally. Find out more about her program at