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4 | Am I Lovable vs. I Am Lovable | Sherilyn 

In this solo episode, Sherilyn vulnerably shares her very personal story about the struggle to believe she is lovable, scars and all. Not particularly suited for younger ears, this one goes really deep & raw into her journey. Her song "Lovable" shared at the end of the episode can be found everywhere you stream or download music.

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2 | Money Hungry Engineer vs. Photographer Set Free | Katie Luna 

In this episode, Sherilyn welcomes her first guest, Katie Luna, to share her career journey, struggles, and wins. Sure, Katie might have once been a money hungry engineer for a top auto maker, but have you seen her now? She's running her own photography business and LOVING it! Visit and mention the code HYSMN10 for 10% off booking or nature prints!

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1 | Bullied Band Geek vs. Training for the GRAMMYs | Sherilyn 

In this solo episode, Sherilyn dives deep into her own journey in music, her journey towards self confidence, the story behind the podcast, her brand new single, life in Brazil, and more. Sure, she might have once been know as a bullied band geek and failed cheerleader, but have you seen her now? She's training for the GRAMMYs!

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Intro | Intentional Convos Re: "How It Started" vs. "How It's Going" 

Join your host, Sherilyn (singer, songwriter, & solo artist @sherilynmusic), for this special introductory episode of the "Have You Seen Me Now" podcast. Episode 1 is officially launching January 29! Subscribe today for these intentional conversations about “How It Started” vs. “How It’s Going” - not only in her life but also in the lives of some brave & inspiring friends. If you're still breathing, this podcast is for you. IG/FB: @haveyouseenmenow


What would you do if you had nothing to fear? 
What would you change if you had nothing to lose? 
What would you pursue if you didn’t care what anyone else thought of you? 

Welcome to the “Have You Seen Me Now” podcast. I’m your host, Sherilyn. 

Greetings Stellar Rockstars! I can hardly believe it’s finally time to launch the “Have You Seen Me Now” podcast! Episode one is coming at you on Friday, January 29th, and I can hardly wait to share it with you. It’s been a long time coming. 

And let’s just say that every insecurity and obstacle reared their ugly little heads in the process and just to get this far is kind of a miracle. So I have to believe if there were so many challenges to push through, that there is something special in this little experiment. I know for sure it’s a lot about me finding my brave and using my voice….but I have to believe there’s something special in it for you too. 

I’m telling you, if you’re still breathing, this podcast is for you… 

Because sometimes we need to remind ourselves daily that  as longs we have breath in our lungs we can begin again today, and that we are all in this journey together of learning about ourselves, bettering ourselves, and living out our purpose & our passions. 

So this is a podcast to help you celebrate the wins & losses, your growth, healing, & expansion, your skinned knees & battle scars gathered along the way (like badges of honor). 

This is a podcast is to remind you to follow the bread-crumb trail of joy that you find along the journey…’cause it’s the bread-crumb trail of joy that led me right here, today, to this moment, these minutes spent with you. 

I hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast today, and that you’re prepared to join me this year for some intentional conversations about “How It Started vs. How It’s Going” - not only in my life, but also in the lives of some brave & inspiring friends of mine who’ve learned that it’s never to late to re-invent yourself. Or to re-brand your whole life. Or to change careers. Or maybe to return to something you used to love doing but lost somewhere along the way. 

And I’ll be right here, cheering you on as you find your voice -  encouraging you to not be afraid of re-creating the next season of of your life without worrying about what anyone else thinks about your dreams. 

My hope is at the end of every podcast is that you are inspired to say to all the haters in your life (or even to your own inner critic)….yeah, yeah, yeah, I might have been a lost, insecure,  utter mess back then….but man, HAVE YOU SEEN ME NOW?? 

Thanks for listening to the introductory episode of the “Have You Seen Me Now” podcast. I’m your host, Sherilyn. Be sure to follow @haveyouseenme now on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so we can cultivate a community of encouragement this year! I’ll be talking to you again really soon when Episode 1 launches on January 29! Until then - live LOUD and PROUD, my friends!